Welcome to flyfishing saltwater / freshwater.

I dedicated this site to my flyfishing exploits in salt- and freshwater.
As I am located in the eastern part of the Netherlands in the town of
Enschede most of my trips take place in the surrounding area.
As my hometown is located right next to the border with Germany
I have explored the other side of the border extensively and now
spend most of my fishing time there since their waters are more
suited to flyfishing.

Besides the local venues I do sometimes venture further afield like
the annual pilgrimage for searun browns in Denmark.
I have also visited the US on occasions where I fished in the 
states of Florida and Rhode Island.

Germany 21.07.2018

Latest reports:
Germany 21.07.2018
Germany 15.07.2018

HSK 07-2018

As it has not rained for ages the streams are running dangerously low.
Only a trickle now and one of the feeders has already fallen dry.
It has rained a little yesterday but only enough to wash some of the dust away.
Obviously fish are not in biting mood and best times seem to be near sunset.
Herons are having a field day or should I say week as fish concentrate in the|
remaining deeper pools.
Hoping for rain but nothing on the horizon this month.

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