A recollection of my first trip to the Island of Fyn in Denmark.
I was forewarned that this seatrout fishing was a tough business and that I would probably
blank on this trip.
The first stop to the Island was at S
√łnderballe on mainland Jutland.
A wonderfull looking place but alas no fish to be seen.
We headed on to try Kolding fjord further north where conditions where bleak.
A strong cold wind blew over the fjord and while my buddy Tom headed north I sought
refuge in a more sheltered part of the fjord south.
When the tide began to race over a nearby musselbed I noticed feeding fish and 
tossed small pink shrimps in the current with as result bites from the fish.
Lost several fish but managed to catch two small seatrout on my first day, beginners luck indeed.
The next days where indeed a lot tougher but we still caught a fish or two.

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