As an official closure of our fishing season 2012 my friends and yours truly made
a final attempt to catch some fish at this years ends.
Goal was to catch pike in some of our local small streams.

Now I have to say that the pike fishing in not really my "thing" so while the rest
was armed with 8-weights and chicken size streamers I opted to take the
four weight with me.
I carried some small zonker streamer with me for the perch and I also had the
nymphing rig ready in case I would spot any concentration of roach.

A H2O streamer, this would have to do the trick according to our specialists.

Mr. H2O at work, he actually hooked a pike right at the spot pictured here but the fish got away.

The geese on their way to somewhere...

Renaturized part of the stream, wide and shallow with a smaller fast flowing ditch in the middle,
nice if you are a duck - bad if you are a fisherman.

The so called renaturized section of the stream, completely off limits to us but I 
had to check it out anyway since I had not been there since they rebuild the stream.
The bad thing about these works is that when the work is finished the fisherman are kicked
out, I also believe that the stream way back when did not look like this.

Anyway besides the one pike attack mr. H2O got it stayed very quiet in that stream so we
had to activate plan B ie find another stream to fish.
With all that rain we had during the last week many waters where just going back from
flooding stage so the choice of water was limited.
We picked one of the streams that always had a minimal flow and it turned out that 
water clarity and current where good enough to fish it.

One of my friends new the place well and told me he had found a spot where large 
schools of roach where present.
I headed down to the location he mentioned and was greeted by the guard dog of 
the nearby farm.
The water was teeming with small fish so I quickly removed the fast sinking polyleader
plus streamer with a floating one and a size 16 pt nymph.
Bites where instantly but the size of fish was a tad dissappointing.


The weather ... very warm for the time of year and for a change dry.
It was windy however and with that strong blowing wind the choice for the four weight was
not the best move I made this day.
There could have been larger roach underneath the small fish but the hard wind had to
much grip on the fly line so I could not make a good presentation.
With all those small baitfish there should have been predators around so I switched to streamer
again and fished that part of the stream as the sun was setting.
It paid off as I finally hooked something bigger, not the intended perch but a little pike.


As the sun went down one of my friend that fished the opposite bank got his first pike attack.
He missed the fish and immediately fished the same area again which resulted in another strike
from the pike.
That second strike was also missed so he made a third attempt which curiously again caused the pike
to strike.
The third strike was also missed and the pike left the scene.
We did to as it became to dark to fish.

We fished with six people all together, five pike where landed by three people.
To conclude the day we had planned a dinner along our route home.


So this was the last fishing trip in the year 2012 down here which only leaves me to wish you all the best for 2013.