Just returned from a four trip tot he Harz mountains in the German federal state of Sachsen-Anhalt.
In the first two days the weather was pretty warm and loads of insects where flying about. Most prominent where black sedges.

Dry fly action was good and so was nymphing, loads of fish where feeding.
In the section upstream from the large reservoir huge schools of Roach where present in the river and would readily take nymphs.
Furthermore there where plenty of the small native brown trout strain mixed with some of the larger stocked trout.

In the section downstream of the large dam from the reservoir I spotted a very large and fat
escapee from the local commercial hatchery, a rainbow trout.
I had a go at the fish and it after a few passes it actually took a small nymph.
Amazingly that fish could jump and it took me all the way in the backing as I was fishing very lightly.
So I was running and crawling along the bank to keep up with the fish, the fishing gods must have
been on my side as I actually landed the fish on the barbless nymph and light tippet.

Thursday and Friday boasted the warm weather but on Friday evening a cold front came in and 
the temperatures plummeted to fall values.
Subsequently the dry fly action died down but fish where to be caught on nymphs.

One of my goals was to catch a rainbow trout which I did, I was more than happy that the second goal also was reached when I caught a nice grayling from a deep pool.
The beautiful landscape softened the drawbacks from the crowds and rather small fish.
There was still enough free space to fish quietly in the mountains .
We enjoyed ourselves as usual and vowed that we would return for another trip.