It rained cats and dogs the day before I went fishing.
This would surely have consequences for the level and clarity
of the water in the stream.
I took a look at the first feeder stream I came across and noticed
it was high but clarity was reasonable.
Once I hit the main stream however I was amazed that it was brown
and muddy.

Feeder stream

Main stream

I stopped at one of my honey holes and wondered where all the fish 
had gone.
Normally even during high water you could always spot some dace
on the surface but now the water looked dead.

Fishing the nymph only resulted in catching debris so I moved on and
fished a streamer instead.
A little trout came from the depth to take a look at the streamer but then
disappeared again.
I was pretty sure the river level was dropping so I decided to take an 
extended break in the hope that levels would fall and the water would regain some clarity.
I went to one of the lookout points in the hills and watched the dales.
Time passed and as I looked on my watch I figured it might be time for

Looking into the valley

At my local watering hole I got my usual menu of pork chops and dark
wheat beers. 
After the break it was back to the important mission namely not getting
Roach and Dace where obviously not in the mood to play so maybe the
trout that I spotted on my last trip might be interested in eating flies.
Unfortunately as I fished the likely holding spots of the trout nothing
In the end I had to visit the “ guaranteed fish” spot in order to save the day.
With some hard work two tiny perch came to the surface and that was it.

Catch of the day

It was a nice day but fishing wise rather disappointing. 
This week more rain is predicted, if the river still stays high I might have to turn to stillwater next.