I had to travel for work recently to the German Baltic coast 
so just in case I had some spare time I took a flyrod with me.

My collegues and I where visiting a milk processing plant and 
while I was thinking about searun browns at the nearby coast
my co-workers where more likely to go out drinking at the hotel.

With some persistance I managed to coax them into dropping me off
at the coast so I spend my couple of hours on the German Baltic 
sea coast.
The water was clear, baitfish where around and the weather was nice so I was expecting some fish.
But ... it did not work out as I planned and although I had fished extensively for a couple of hours I could not get a single bite.


My lodging, the barn to the left.
I picked the hotel and it turned out that the location was featured in
some well known German soap series ... which I had never heard of, whatever

On day two of my visit I was quite early at the beach but then the weather had completely changed.
The placed Baltic sea was now boasting pretty whitecaps and the wind was blowing right in my face.
All that wave action rooted up the seasweed making the water a murky mess.
I could not even spot the large boulders that where spread around so I almost took a swim.
Still it was better to be outside than hanging around in some hotel.

I did chat to some of the locals though for some intel.
Appearantly in the morning when I was still working conditons where nice and searuns where spotted hunting along the shorelines.
Some bait fisherman where still out fishing and talked about catches
of flounder.
If the weather was favourable it was even possible to catch cod from the beach.

Maybe I should have invested in a fishing license for the river in the town where my hotel was located.
The banks there where packed with anglers since the Herring where running up the river to spawn.
Maybe I have more luck if I ever go there again.