Went out yesterday to see how the stream fished at the first hot
sunny day of the year.
I started out quite late but too my surprise I still found some deer
as I walked to the water.

Oh deer...

They smelled my socks.

...and ran off

The great outdoors looked a little bit greener than a week before with most 
trees blooming and the first roadside flowers popping up

First flowers

My first stop where some willows where schools of coarse fish where gathering.
Some of them where feeding at a narrow passage between the willows where with
some difficulty I could drop a nymph in the currents to get a decent drift.
One of the fish took my nymph, it turned out to be a Dace of decent size.


Further upstream in the village I hoped to meet some of the stockies but it stayed
quiet there with the exception of one bite.
I fished the pool below the watermill with a sinking polyleader since some spots
where deep and hooked one brown trout that immediately went airborne and showed
some good acrobatics.
All that jumping also caused my barbless lure to depart from the trout.
A little further afield I spotted some fish feeding agressively below a small weir and
thought that it could be trout.
After a few casts I had a fish on but it turned out to be Dace.


I moved out of the village to some well known pools further upstream and came in contact with several trout that attacked the lure I was fishing.
I counted at least seven attacks and allthough I hooked four fish they all managed to throw the hook.
And the end of the day I called it quits and left home troutless, at least I got a tan.