It was time for another fishing session in Germany.

This time we visited a stream that is optimistically deemed a trout
stream and thus was closed down untill March 16th when trout season
Since it was still early in the season the chances of catching any fish would be very slim indeed but then again there is only one way
to find out and that is to just fish.

With the clear water we decided to fish one of our honey holes in the beginning of our river system where deeper holes always had some 
roach, dace and the odd trout.
I opted to fish with a bloodworm nymph pattern which did not travel long unhindered along the bottom of the stream.

My first guess was that it would surely be a roach but it turned out to be a dace.
Fish where present and feeding, allthough I got a few more bites the fishing was slow though.

My buddy had spotted a trout as it came from its hideout to check a passing streamer but the trout could not be fooled.
The roach that roamed under a tree nearby where tempted by a gold bead 
red tag nymph.

I tried one of the feeder streams in the hope to come across a leftover trout from last season.
The bright sunny conditions and the lack of leaves on the trees did not help my stealth approach and I guess if there where any fish they
would spot me first and run like hell.

My search remained fruitless so i decided to kick over some stones to see how insectlife was doing this season.
I came up with a lot of scuds and one mayfly nymph.

The upper reaches did not provide much action so it was time to head down stream and see if we could spot any fish in the more build up
areas of our stream.
It was good to see substantial numbers of Roach swimming in the stream, the cormorants had not cleared out all life out of the stream 
this harsh winter.

At one of my certified fish holding areas I actually spotted a rising fish which due to its behaviour and size could only be one thing, trout.
Most likely the place was recently stocked so I tried to catch the fish with a nymph.
After a few fruitless attempts I was in contact with a brown trout but the hook came out.
My second try was with a small streamer and on several occasions a trout came racing after the fly.
When I finally hooked the fish I was pretty sure I had caught my first trout of the season but as I grabbed the net the hook came out, 

I could not go home without landing a trout so in a last ditch effort I tied on a weighted streamer.
That did the trip and with a quick scoop of the landing net the fish was landed.

So my first trip after trout opener actually delivered a trout.
After a quick picture the fish was released, it will probably be 
cleared out in the upcoming days by one of the worm anglers but that is how it goes.

Hopefully some of the stockies will last over the season to gain some weight and smarten up. I will be ready for them.