Eifel 2010, Rur river Germany - day 2 

So with day 1 at the Rur rive r being not as good as we hoped for we adjusted our plans and skipped the second fishing day in the Rur.
After our dismal evening session we had at least a good meal to look forward to, since we where already stuffed from lunch we decided to take it slow at dinner.

The items we ordered from the “ Small hunger” list was more than we expected…

Farmers Omelet.

We would still stay in our rental house for a second night but would move out to the Kyll river further south the next day.
My thoughts that I would have a good rest in the little village unraveled when I was brutally awoken by racket outside at 03.00 hours in the night.
A car stopped in our little street, two guys came out and started hammering away at a watermain valve in the road. 
After 10 minutes they left, how weird was that ?

As I dozed off I was once again awoken by the villages only truckdriver who raced off in the middle of the night. 
So I tried again to get some sleep but at 04.00 hours the same car from before stopped, and yes the guys came out and hammered at the valve again and left after 10 minutes.

Sleeping further was no option so I was thinking of taken a shower but shoot, no warm water ….
The next morning at breakfast I inquired with our host what the heck was going on in that “ quiet” village. Turns out they had some issues with the watermain and that it was not the normal work procedure down there.

After breakfast we headed south to the camping at Kyllburg where we had rented a small cabin.
Before we drove to the camping we stopped at a supermarket first.
The other guys went shopped, I slipped away to the Kyll river that flowed right behind the supermarket.

Kyll river

Trainstation at Kyllburg

The Kyll river was recently in a flood stage but now the water had slowly receded, it was still a bit murky but it looked good enough for me to fish.
We drove through town and entered the camping where we unloaded our stuff in the little cabin we had rented.

Cabin at the Kyllburg camping

The first thing we had to do was to get our permits to fish the river so we got hold of the owner of the camping who promptly issued us the permits.
Permits for the Kyll river at Kyllburg where 1/5th of the price compared to the Rur river so I did not expect to much from the fishing there.
After all the unnecessary gear was dumped in the cabin we headed out to the river for our first fishing session in the Kyll river.

I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the river and the surrounding landscape.

Kyll river

The river flowed at a pace I was familiar with and so I had the utmost confidence that I would catch some fish.
With the slightly higher water I opted to fish with nymphs and soon was into the first brown trout on the Kyll river.

Brown trout

More action.

I was on a roll and hooked one after the other brown trout.
Since the Kyll also held grayling my next goal was to catch one of those.
According to literature Grayling had a weak spot for the color pink so I tied on one of my pink caddis nymphs.
The nymph aroused the interest of the fish but it turned out to be yet another brown trout.
At one deeper pool I managed to get several fish from the same spot.

On the pink caddis nymph.

In the distance I could see Alfons creeping up to my spot, he was fishing with the dry fly and also caught his share of fish.

Alfons into fish.

We had a little break and then both noticed that at a wide section of the river fish where constantly rising.
We fished in turn with dry flies and both had some good shots at the brown trout.

Fishing the dry fly.

With time flying by I remarked that it might be time to get something to eat to be back at the river for the evening session. 
If we would linger around to long we would be fishing in the dark – not a good idea.
So we assembled the rest of the guys and headed into town to hit the local Pizzeria.

Pizzeria at Kyllburg

A view of the Kyll in town – no fishing zone – home to enormous chubs and barbels.

To bad the place was still closed for an hour so we had to search for an alternative and ended up at a Kebap shop ran by Turkish immegrants.
That place also served pizza which we enjoyed on the terrace of the Café overlooking the Kyll valley.

One of my favorite beverages – Wheat beer.

Never seen teenagers going to the Pizzeria with their ponies but here they do.

The evening session would take place just upstream from the camping.
Despite the proximity of the camping the river looked good there.
Even more promising was the fact that fish where rising like crazy in the stretch we intended to fish.

I had not seen such a splendid evening rise in years.
Mayflies and Segdes where on the water but somehow we could not hook up to fish.
When I picked out a large brown segde from my flybox I finally had some good takes.
Still the sedge did not work always so I tied on a lot of different patterns in the hope of finding the right one.

The evening session.

When the light faded fishing got though and so I decided to cheat a little.
I could not see the fly so I tied on one of my barbless streamers, a pattern not allowed on the river although it was not clearly stated in the permit.
A black leach pattern with a green fluo bead did the trick and while the rest of the guys had no more action I continued to catch fish.

Fish from the dark.

When the last light was gone and temperatures plummeted we called it a day and retreated to our cabin preparing our gear from for the next day.
Tom tied up some big dries for next morning session while Alfons – obviously tired – was busy emptying his whisky bottle.

Luckily Alfons (in front) does not frequent foreign bbs 

Some of Toms handy work.

We where all pretty exhausted from this excellent fishing day, what a difference with the Rur river.
At first I was apprehensive to visit the Kyll river since it had no limit on the number of permits but in hindsight I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fishing.

To be continued …..