Harz 2010 day 3 – May 22nd.

Fishing was good the day before but one of the members of our party had a serious mishap, he lost his full box of flies when he left the river late in the evening.
A search party in the dark yielded no flybox so it was decided that we would return to the upstream section for a second time.
After breakfast we headed back, my buddies sent me off to fish while they backtracked to find the flybox.

En route to one of the pools near the reservoir.

The stream was still running high but this time the water was a little clearer.
The pool where I did so good the day before still produced fish.



Allthough fishing was good I noticed that it was not as productive as the day before so I went upstream in search of more fish.
I eventually ended up at a nice pool where I caught a row of small brown trout.

Brown trout.

Wondering what the fish ate I turned over some stones and saw creepers and other stuff scurry away. Curious as I was I took a caddis nymph out of its case evergreen needles to its coloration.

Caddis nymph.

Well I figured my nymphs had the same size and looked like the real deal so I would probably fare well. 
The pool I fished was not very deep but deep enough to hold many fish.

The pool.

At the front of the pool the water was deeper, I took quite a few trout and grayling from the fast flowing water.

More fish.

In the afternoon one of my buddies called that it was time to get a grab to eat.
The good news was that the lost flybox was retrieved intact.
Not so good was that they had parked the car at another carpark.
I got the tip to proceed on the mountain path to get to carpark, as I went higher and higher
I had the feeling I would get lost big time.

On the mountain path.

The path went uphill all the way until I came into a small village where a small unpaved road winded through little old houses.
I expected banjo playing any minute now, the locals looked … well you get the picture.
From high in the village I saw the car down at the river, I was pretty quick off that mountain.
We took an extend break at our favourite restaurant and pondered where to go next.
The evening session would take place at the river below the reservoir.

In the second half of the day the weather began to change.
Suddenly the clouds came low, visibility and temperature came down.
That evening rise would was surely not going to happen now.

The first pool

The first pool yielded fish right away, it had always been a good spot for me.
What amazed me was the current width of the river, I had never seen it so wide.
When I walked down stream I found that flooding in spring had totally reshaped the river bed.
I could hardly catch a fish there so I doubled back and travelled upstream instead.
The upstream part looked good though.
At one of the pools I finally hooked a large trout.

The big one ….

The fish I had just hooked put a deep bend in the rod, when the fish surfaced I could see it was a very chunky brown dark in coloration.
Then the fish did something unexpected, instead of swimming upstream it went downstream and rolled in the surface. 
When the fish rolled the barbless hook came out, bummer …. catching a big fish down there 
was like winning the lottery.

Last action of the day.

The rest of the evening went slow.
I still managed a few fish out of the fast flowing water but big fish where not around.
At least I had gotten a shot at a big fish, fishing in such beautiful scenery was already a reward on its own.
When I spotted my buddies coming towards me I knew it was time to get back to the hotel.
We still had to reach our quota of Wheat beer so off we went to get a couple of cold ones and review the day.