Fishing Germany August 26th.

After the two trips to the Harz Mountains it was time to fish one the nearby German streams for a chance.
I took the train to Germany and after 50 minutes I arrived at my destination.

My first intention was to fish the canalized part of the river and then especially the outflow of
the sewage treatment plant.
I was unpleasantly surprised when the stream was fenced off by electric wire and the farmer had put sheep and cows in the meadows.

On the road, grey skies in the morning with blue sky appearing in the afternoon.

I had to move on to find a suitable spot for fishing so I walked to the first small weir in the river.
Fish where recently stocked so maybe the odd rainbow trout would lurk behind the weir.
A couple of casts with the streamer through the pool remained fruitless so I moved on.

The pool of the watermill further downstream would surely yield some fish.
As I walked through the fields I started to notice that a lot of people where cycling out
there in the middle of nowhere. When I arrived near the mill I suddenly spotted a traffic jam of cars and then it came to me what day it was.

The good spot, a fish was constantly rising under the tree.

To my horror the mother of all festivities was held at the watermill, the annual farmers market.
The whole agricultural neighbourhood had come out for this fest of fests.

The whole place was turned into an amusement park, goodbye quit fishing.

Luckily my good spot was more or less unaffected of the racket.
A fish was constantly rising under a tree, problem was that a sunken tree was just lying downstream of the good spot.
After losing two nymphs and trying to get the fish on the dry I decided to concentrate fishing on the easier spots.
I tried the streamer and felt a take of what I believe was a trout, unfortunately the trout missed. 
To increase my chances of catching other species of fish I tied on a small goldbead nymph.
A couple of deep drifts along a deadfall resulted in another contact with a trout.
This time the take was solid and I hauled in a small Rainbow trout.

Rainbow trout,.

I tried to get some more fish but bites slowed down after the Rainbow trout.
There was a deep pool a short distance downstream so I tried to coax some fish there but there 
where no takes. When I returned to my honey hole three kids where dunking worms there
so I asked them how they where doing.

Seemed they already knew me as one of those two Dutch flyfishing guys that had joined their club.

I wished them good luck and moved upstream within sight of the Ferris wheel at the mill.
Some shiners where clearly visible below me so I tied on a Copper John and let the nymph drift in the middle of the school of fish.
One fish dived for the nymph and took it firmly.

Dace on the Copper John.

For some reason I was walking around the river without my usual fishing clothing.
Instead I had some pretty light coloured pants when a small accident happened.
Due to recent flooding a fine layer of silt was deposited on the steep banks.
I slipped and fell in the dirt so I looked like a pig, I had to wash the dirt off in the river to be at
least somewhat presentable when heading back home.

After drying up I decided to give the spot near the Ferris wheel another try, I was sure a trout
would be hiding under the debris at the bank.

Letting the nymph drift deeply along the debris was the ticket for a quite large Rainbow trout.
When I carefully stepped down the bank the fish came of so no pictures of that one.

With all the racket going on and people moving up behind me I called it a day and made my way back to the train station.
Clearly it was not my day, at least the two Rainbow trout made the trip worthwhile.
Next time I will keep better track of the fair dates…