Day 4 of my Harz trip was another travel day, we did not have much time for fishing
but we would still be able to throw in a few hours before we left.

Maybe we could still manage to catch a few of the larger stray rainbows that people where talking about.
Since our schedule was tight we drove straight to a spot had yielded us many fish on previous visits.

One of the good spots.

I was quickly into my wading gear so in no time I was at the water positioning myself on a strategic location.
I was fishing a part of the river where a fast riffle moved into a slower flower deeper part.
Fish where hiding behind the large stones and just out of the main flow.
A Czech nymph named “Sparkle and Orange” was tied on and soon drifted down stream past the fish.
The brown trout loved that pattern and soon the first fish took the nymph.

Brown trout.

A few mayflies where hovering over the stream, I continued fishing the nymph though since I wanted to catch some of the better fish.
The big ones where obviously to wary to take surface flies.
The nymphing paid off because I finally caught one of the bigger fish in the pool.


Brown trout.

After catching several more brown trout I figured I had disturbed the spot too much so it was time to move downstream.
There where several deep pools ahead of me where I had caught rainbows in the past, maybe these fish where still around.
At the second pool a first cast was immediately rewarded with a brown trout.

Transition from shallow to deeper water.

When I hooked the second brown trout something unexpected happened, a large brown raced behind the smaller fish.
I had never seen such a large fish in this river so I was highly motivated to catch that fish.
Several drifts of the nymph at various depths remained fruitless so I left the spot to check out a few other locations downstream.
When I looked at my watch I noticed that the time had arrived to go to the car for the trip back home.
Before I said goodbye to the river I had to fish the deep hole which the large brown called home though.
After several drifts the big brown suddenly shot out from its cover and nailed the nymph.
The fish took me all over the place and I suspected that he would throw the hook at any time.
After a fierce battle the trout’s last escaped was into the vegetation at the riverbank.
Luckily I had a strong tippet on so I stayed connected with the fish and finally could land it.

Catch of the day.

I did not expect to catch that big brown but with some luck the fish stayed on.
It was one of the largest browns I had caught, the fish was strong and it looked like it had been in the river for a long time.

Back home.

The last day yielded the largest trout for me, the trip could not end better like this.
Four fishing days at a beautiful came to an end.
I gained some new insights about the specifics on this river and would surely come back better prepared in the future.