Today I tried to repeat yesterday performance but I failed to do so.
It was even hotter than on the previous day, the maximum temperature was 84 F. 
We fished at river nr. 1 but did not encounter any aggressive trout.
I saw a few fish scoot along the stream but had no single take.
My excuse was that it was just to hot.

Since we stocked river nr. 2 yesterday we returned there to see if the fish had settled
and where active. 

Large parts of that stream where straightened and had no shade from trees so our
hopes of catching fish where low.

All this sunshine of the past week had triggered an algae bloom that together with the
remains of blossoms created a very dirty river.

We did get a few following fish but nothing took real interest in the fly.
The only spots with some clear water where after weirs and the natural part of the stream
where the water flowed faster.

Clearer part of the stream.

I tried my honey hole where I had caught two rainbow trout in the last couple of weeks.
There where minnows moving in the murky water so some fish where present.
Finally a fish hit on the streamer but it was not the intended quarry, only a small perch had dared to attack the fly.

A little perch.

Over the past years I waded in these streams and always noted these small fish that where
hiding under the stones and debris.

Since fishing was really slow I decided that today was the day to investigate what species
of fish these critters belonged to.

Most of these little fish skilfully eluded me but finally I got one in my landing net, it turned out to be bullhead / sculpin.

Bullhead / Sculpin

No wonder that small black zonkers worked that well on trout and perch in the river.
While I was doing research my buddy caught a small brown trout and then another little perch.
I tried nymphs, wet flies and so on but could not hook into anything else than debris on the riverbed.

In the evening we ended up in the large pool below the watermill.
It was the first time I waded that pool so I waded with care.
The bottom felt almost like paved, it was an old building of several hundred years so it could have.
The pool was shallow but in the murky water you could not see the bottom, since I had no
wading stick with me moving was a bit tricky.

At a certain moment I came to the edge of the pavement, a deeper channel was just at my feet.

I stopped and hauled a streamer though the channel.
The channel gave up a larger specimen of perch.

Perch nr. 2

When the sun got low fish where beginning to rise in the pool but these where no trout, most likely shiners.
Our nymphs where rejected by the fish.
We finally called it quits and headed to the nearby pub for some nice cool wheat beers.

Tomorrow the big temperature drop will occur, from a whopping 84 F we will go back to 55 F which is more normal.
At least the new weather pattern will bring some much need rain.
Since I will fish the Baltic coast for sea run browns next Thursday I am glad that it will be cooler, summer like
temperatures are not exactly helpful for that kind of fishing.