Tried the stream this afternoon and was welcomed by legions of Roach that
pretty much ignored most of my offerings.
Finally I got one decent fish out of the school who put up a fight and scared
the rest of the school away.

Further upstream I ran into the first trout who managed to escape.
Had a go at the Dace that where feeding in the surface but they saw me
and ran off.

When I saw another trout I wondered if the local syndicate had been on
a stocking spree again.
I decided not to use a lure but drift a nymph to the stationary brown, the
fish did not think twice and grabbed the nymph.

The weather was unsettled and when it became dark and thunder was heard
I took cover at the local watermill.

When things cleared up I fished a small white lure in one of the pools hoping for more trout.
Nothing hit the white lure so I switched to black which turned out to be the ticket for the trout.
Hooked one that threw the hook and had two fish showing interest.

When I looked at my watch I saw that I was already well past my intended departure time so I called it a day.
Maybe the trout will last untill next weekend.