The sudden weather change did not forbode much good this weekend.
We went from warm spring weather to a cold and windy weather pattern.
Since I had tied a bunch of nymphs I wanted to test I headed to the stream
anyway despite the less than ideal weather situation.

Ready for a field test

The weather turned out to be exactly as the weather forecast stated, lousy.
You could get pretty wet from that "light" rain.

Not real comfy in the great outdoors

At my first tried and tested pool I put some of the new nymphs to a test.
These flies where tied with normal weight bead heads so they would take a time to reach the
proper depth.
I spotted the roach having a go at them even before they had sunk to the bottom which was not
noticable on the indicator.
For some reason I could not get the roach interested to take the nymphs.
Since the stream was recently stocked with trout I decided to switch my setup and fish a streamer instead.
I had a nice trout follow the streamer but it just missed the fly.
I fished the pool thoroughly to get another strike but the trout declined.
A few pools further upstream I caught at least a small perch.
Some more casts delivered another perch which was bigger and fought very well.


I still wanted to test the nymphs so I checked out another pool.
The pool in question boasted some feeding fish as I could see something silvery flanking in the depth.
I had a few hits of some small trout but the silver fish where nowehere to be seen.

Pheasanttail nymph

When I increased the length between the nymph and the indicator to reach more depth I received the
first strikes.
The roach that came to the surface was of pretty good size.



Two roach was all I got get from the pool.
The combination of low water, not many fish to be seen and lousy weather made me decide
to call it day.
Spring had progressed a little further now that debris from flowering trees where covering the surface of
the stream.

It was interesting to see that for the first time the dace where actively nosing in the surface for edible
If only the temperatures would increase then it might be possible to fish the dry fly.
Another thing I noticed where the many goldfish in the stream, I guess somebody had dumped the
contents of their garden pond into the stream.
The herons would probably make short work of those fish.