Day 2 of our fishing trip had arrived.
After a good breakfast we headed out to find a new fishing spot
for the day.
My friend wanted to fish upstream which left me just one direction
to go.

The water had risen and the river was slightly murky due to the rainfall
of the previous day.
I could not spot any rising fish although small mayflies where on the water.


The first stretch of the river that I fished seemed lifeless.
In the past this part of the river had a fair amount of chub in it so something
had to bite.
After a while I could at least catch one fish.


The end of my beat was formed by a weir.
A turbine channel led from the top of the weir to a small hydroelectric plant.
Usually the deep water would house some fish but even when I switched from
nymph to streamer nothing showed up.
The end of the weir was silted up and I deemed it impassable so I headed
back upstream where I knew some likely fish hideouts.

The first deep hole where I suspected fish only yielded one bite,
It stayed quiet after that.
The next pool housed a nice brown though and when I fought the fish I
noticed that the trout was accompanied by a huge chub.
The trout was landed, the chub disappeared.


Further up I ran into my friend who was doing pretty well catching several
brown trout and even a brook trout on nymphs.
I passed by and walked quite a distance upstream so I would not disturb the


Eventually I ended up in the Canyon where the deep pools yielded
Numerous fish.
Time flew by and so we had to take a break for lunch.
The Italian place was closed now for the summer holidays but the
Greek one was still open.
Normally you would combine Greek food with wine but a cool
wheat beer is personally more to my liking.


After lunch we headed to a spot far downstream where we had some issues
in the past with a local (pretty deranged) farmer over parking.

On the way to our spot we crossed a bridge over the river and just had to stop
and see what was happing in the water.
It turned out people where already fishing, our colleague from our local flyfishing
club and his son where Tenkara fishing.
We had a grand view from the top of the bridge and gave directions to the
anglers below where the trout where located.
The place was really full of fish.
The kid showed his dad how Tenkara fishing was down as he caught a nice
Rainbow trout.

In the past we had a little run-in with before mentioned farmer and it
was really not a big deal to us but the farmer thought differently.
In the past we had dared to park our car at the roadside on a patch of
grass that according to him was absolutely vital for the survival of his cows.
We did not block traffic or do any damage to this not fenced in roadside
Patch of grass near a bridge but the guy obviously did not like strangers
and foreigner where I guess even worse.

The Tenkara boys

This time we choose a spot to park the car that seemed unlikely to provoke
a conflict with even that deranged farmer but I guess we would only be sure
of that at the end of the day.
My buddy once again wanted to fish upstream (strange guy) so I had to
take a walk downstream.
I walked into the river and on my third cast I hooked into a very lively
Rainbow trout.


Fish was present, as I worked my way upstream I came to a deep pool and noticed
That the fish there where really stacked.


Although the airspace just above the water was inhabited by a legion of sedges the trout
Did not go after them.
Instead they nailed something in the film on the surface but as on the previous occasion
I could not see what they where after.
Maybe it was about time to get a small scoop net to see what kind of food was present in
The surface.
This time however nymphs where also ready accepted.

After sunset the feeding intensified and we just fished all the way until it got
Really dark outside.


When we could not spot the fly anymore we just called it a day.
Another perfect fishing day had ended.