On August the 5th. we made our way from the Dutch border
to southern Germany for a five day fishing trip.
We estimated it would take us about 8 hours driving time to reach
our hotel.

It was Sunday when we left which meant that the German
Autobahn was free of trucks (by regulation), we made
good tracks.
Our fishing licenses issued by the hotel would be valid from
Monday onwards but we guessed if we would get there early enough
we could do some scouting on the river for the next day.

After five hours on the Autobahn we decided it was time for a break.
Instead of heading to a place right on the highway we took an
exit and decided to stop at the first little village for some coffee.
The first village looked quite empty so we moved further away from
the highway.

We crossed a stream and fishing nuts as we where we wanted to take
a closer look at it.
The name at the brigde stated that we just drove over the Frankische Saale.
We could not find a suitable spot to reach the stream and eventually
ended up in the town of Hammelburg, Bavaria.

A little study on the map showed that further in town a small road
might lead to the river so we headed there.
The road ended though at the railway tracks, only a small walkway underneath the tracks gave access to adjecent fields.

I took a path along some ponds where I saw some carp and perch.
Finally when I reached the stream I noticed that it was all thick brush and steep banks.
I just could not get near to have a good look.
All I could see was some murky water so I was not that excited.

Near Hammelburg Bavaria.

On the way to the river we had located a small restaurant along the
roadside which turned out to be an Italian place when we stopped
there as we headed back to the highway.
So instead of regular coffee we got some pretty good cappuchino.
The rest of the trip went pretty uneventfull and so we arrived
within the designated time at our destination in the deep south.

We stopped at one of the feeder streams of the river we would
fishing and immediately spotted some trout in the current.


As we stood on the brigde and looked at the trout I noticed
that a car stopped at the roadside.
It had a dutch license plate, what a coindence.
Then a guy stepped up and yelled something like "there are no fish
in there".
The voice sounded familiar, turned out to be a guy from our local flyfishing
club who was staying at the same hotel we did - it's really a small world.
After a little chat we each went our ways.
Our stop was the main river.

The main river.

The main river looked nice but we just could not see any
activity of fish which bothered us a bit.
First it was time to check in to the hotel and maybe
get some refreshments in the village.

Good stuff on a hot day.

We headed out to the stretch of the river where we would probably
start our fishing the next day.
A quick peek on the bridgde still gave us no signs of fish.


A walk to the field road adjecent to the stream was in place.
When we looked a little bit further afield in the stream
we could not believe our eyes.
The fish where stacked in layers of three in one concentrated spot.
It looked just like a place that was recently stocked.


After seeing all those fish it was pretty certain where we
would start fishing the next day.
Fishing would be good for sure [smile.gif]

We ended the day with dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant
in the village.
To bad the owner would close his place down for his holiday the
next day but we had already spotted a plan B place.
Plan B was the Greek restaurant located in the same street.
Most important with these places, they stayed open late enough
so you could fish well into the evening hatch and still have
dinner afterwards.