After a second fishing session to the mountain stream we once
again spend the afternoon session at the main river.
There was a nice spot we wanted to visit that lay just downstream
of a reservoir.

We stopped at a nearby bridge to see if anybody was fishing the spot
we intended to visit.
We spotted no fisherman but we did notice that some monster chub
and a single large trout where moving about in the water.

As usual my friend wanted to fish upstream so there was only one
way for me to go.
It was not a problem for me though as the downstream section
Boasted the inflow of turbine channel from the hydroelectric plant.
This was a spot with a lot of flow so there had to be fish there.

The water at the outflow itself was quite shallow and I did not
get any fish there.
Further downstream though the fly was immediately intercepted
by rainbow trout.


Things where going pretty swell as one after the other fish took the fly.
I got my friend on the radio and asked how he was doing at his spot.
Not that great was the answer, he had managed to scare all fish away
In the slow moving water behind the reservoir.
He then ran into two German fisherman who told him not to go any further
Upstream as it was a waste of time, they had only seen and caught pike –
Lot’s of them but tiny fish.


I told my friend he should join me as the pool I fished was large enough to
fish with two people and the fish where once again stacked.


Most fish I caught where rainbow trout but sometimes there was a welcome change when
a brown trout would take the fly.
The surprise of the day was when I hooked a small pike amongst the rainbow trout,
the little bugger imitated the trout by making a few nice jumps.


My friend did also well with the trout so the day still turned out to be good for him.
We fished as usual well into the dark, another perfect fishing day.