It has been bugging me that I have been fishless since the start of this year.
The cold weather did not exactly help and getting hammered by the flu was
also not helpfull.
With a break in the below freezing temperatures this weekend I headed out
to see if anything was happening at my little stream.

With the membership in a new syndicate my pool of fishable water was yet
again increased so I decided to check out some of the new spots first.
What gave me hope today was the sight of the first snowdrops almost in
bloom and the fact that the first insects have hatched and are moving about.

IMG 0931
Snow drop

The stream was carrying still a lot of water, more than I had hoped for.
Catching a fish in these conditions would be a miracle indeed.
I tossed some nymphs and streamers in the stream but to no avail.

IMG 0935
Somebody cleaned out the freshwater mussels.

I found some pretty nice fishing spots that surely would hold fish.
When the season has progressed and temperatures and waterlevels are more favourable
I will return to see if the new spots are any good.

IMG 0934
IMG 0938
IMG 0937
New spots to fish this year.

After visiting the new spots I headed down to one of my old favourites where the river 
was wider so the impact of the current would be lower.
I fished the place thoroughly and had one certified take but missed the fish.
When the sun broke through it was rather nice outside.
As the first insects where hovering around the riverbank I had hoped that the sun would 
bring out feeding fish but nothing happened, I guess it is still too early.

IMG 0933

I came across one other flyfisherman at the stream today, also a member of my syndicate.
He had the same luck as I had, no fish today.
So fishing wise the day was not a succses but seeing the snow drops and insects today 
assures me that it can only get better from now on.