Allthough warmer weather was predicted for later this week I had to
check the river to see if I could finally catch my first fish of the season.
The first thing I noticed today that it was rather chilly so hopes of 
catching fish where somewhat dimmed.

The river still carried more water than I had expected but I had brought
some heavier nymphs with me to fish deep.
I fished one of my summertime honey holes but to no avail.
At that spot fish where rising untill November but now nothing at all
was moving in the water.
There where a few insects about but for the rest all was lifeless.

IMG 0945
Oh deer ...

The lack of succses at the honeyhole made me move far downstream where the river got wider and
moved slower.
In that section I could always catch a perch or two during most of the year but again nothing would
come out to take a well presented fly.
I noticed that the competition was also fishing, a cursed cormorant was cleaning out the water.

IMG 0950
Looks like spring, if it would only get warmer.

Last chance today was to fish a rebuild weir where I had hooked a big chub a year or two ago.
Maybe there would be fish in that spot.
As all stones where submerged at the former weir I knew that the water was still to high for
any activity.
I fished a nymph in the currents anyway but again no takes.

IMG 0947
Plenty of water.

So fishing wise today was a complete blank bur at least I got my daily dose of fresh air in.
It will take some time before the river comes to life again so I hope the weather will get warmer in the coming weeks.