The trout opener coinced with a working party at the hatchery.
I suspected that the hatchery would probably be the only place
on this day where I could see trout so I took some pics and
made a little video to remind me how trout looked.

In the hatchery pool

IMG 0966
IMG 0967
IMG 0968
IMG 0969
IMG 0971
IMG 0972
IMG 0975
IMG 0976
IMG 0981
IMG 0985
At the hatchery

With the work all being done it was time to head out to the stream.
I fished the deeper pools with a heavy streamer to coax out any stockies but 
unfortunately nothing moved.

IMG 0989
One of the deeper pools at the stream.

As I encountered plenty of footsteps on the banks of the stream I figured
I was not the first angler to visit the spot.

Maybe the first few fish that where stocked where already cleaned out.

In a last ditch attempt to avoid skunk I headed to the headwater to
see if any roach where active but alas nothing came out to play.

IMG 0990
IMG 0991
The headwaters.

So fishing was a bust today but at least I did something good at the hatchery.
As it has been too cold for a very long time I suspect that it will take quite some
time for the stream to get to life again.
In the mean time I will keep on trying, one day it will change for the better :-)