A bright and sunny spring day just begged for a visit to the stream.
The winter was long and cold and so nature was sort of on hold early spring.
When it finally got warm nature went in overdrive.
Trees are developing foliage and the live has returned in the stream.

IMG 1054IMG 1067

The intention was to scout for roach and well there where hundreds of them sunning themselves in the stream.
Lot's of small fish but also a few monsters that almost could be mistaken as trout by their size.
Algae blooming was in full force, the surface of the water was littered with patches of algea that came off from the bottom
of the slow moving stream.
There was a hint of winter but instead of the dreaded cold stuff it was this time thousands of white blossom petals from the
surrounding trees.

IMG 1060
As there where so many fish around it might have given the impression that catching would be easy but it was not.
The typical behaviour of the resident roach to a nymph was to race to it, take a look and than most of the time just lose
interest as it was carried away with the current.
I got some fish but figured that I should have been catching a lot more.
Maybe it was time to use a spider or emerger fly instead, unfortuately those where in a fly box at home.

IMG 1052IMG 1055IMG 1058IMG 1059
Besides the roach groups of dace where patrolling the surface picking out edible items amongst the floating algea patches
and blossom petals.
Fishing from the high bank though was of a disadvantage as the fish would spot me easily before I could even attempt to
make a cast - in the shallow water they where especially wary.
It might be time to aquire some boots or a wader setup for this shallow part of the stream.

In the afternoon I mentioned to my fellow fisherman that it might be time for lunch so we headed to my favourite 
watering hole.
My assumption that it had to be busy at the pub / restaureant as surely everybody would be enjoying the outdoors on
this fine spring day was wrong.
We where the only guest so I was not sure if they even had bothered to staff the kitchen - luckily they did.

The remainder of the day was spent several miles upstream from the roach spot where the main objective would
be trout.
The particular stretch was designated as the guestbeat, visiting anglers could purchase a day ticket for that stretch.
This was the spot where now and then trout would be stocked.
For some reason there where never much roach or dace around so I did not bother to use a nymph, instead I tied
a small zonker streamer on.
It was not long before I saw a telltale agressive rise, I missed the fish but knew that the trout where present,
At another pool two fish came racing behind the streamer, their odd coloring confused me - predatory dace ... nah.
One fish was clearly visible in the current so I tried a more subtle approach by using a small goldbead PT nymph.
When the nymph passed  I saw the fish turn and grab the fly, turned out to be a little brook trout.

IMG 1065IMG 1068
It looked like the syndicate had recently performed a stocking so I expected to come across more trout.
Another cast close to some tree roots confirmed my suspicion as a trout almost jumped at the fly.
The trout missed but when I made a second attempt he nailed the fly right away.

IMG 1069IMG 1071
I had several more hits on the fly but missed all fish.
It was already late in the day and as my friend had obligiations back home we called it quits - it had been a good day.
To celebrate this fine day we made another stop at the pub for a last drink.
The logical option for me should have been to return the next day and enjoy some more trout action while
it lasted but I was content with this day.
Instead I would have to give my fishing equipment some attention as my supply of nymphs was drastically reduced
due to the trees and the obstructions on the stream's bottom.

IMG 1073