The day started rather cool with a cloud covered sky, oddly beautifull clear weather was
When I finally arrived at the stream the cloud cover broke up and within a short time the
sky was clear and blue as promised.
Since it had not rained for some time the stream was again without much water.
Easy to spot the fish but als easy for fish to spot anglers.

At the first pool I visited I noticed that small roach and dace where present.
What caught my eye was a rather fat brown trout though standing in the current picking
up tasty morsels that floated by.
Any small roach that came to close to the trout was chased away or pursued.
Since the fish was obviously in feeding mode I tossed a small nymph right in the current.
I could see the trout take the nymph so I struck and was connected to a hefty trout.
The trout wanted to flee into the rootwork of the bankside trees but I coaxed it out
of there so it decided to run down to the next pool.
There in the deep water I could fight the fish and land it ... well that last part was a bit
tricky as I had forgotten the landing net.
So I beached the fish, time for a picture - the fish thought otherwise and in a spray of mud
and water it shot back into the stream.

A few minutes later I spotted another trout, as the big trout had left its lie the next one
came to claim the prime feeding spot.
So again a nymph went into the water and the whole story repeated itself with as
exception that this time the trout stayed put for the picture.

IMG 1355

I wanted to catch either roach or dace but could only spot the tiny ones and they did not
really cooperate.
In a shady stretch of the stream I blindcasted into deeper sections of the water and was
rewarded with an instant hit of a roach.

IMG 1357

I fished the pool behind the watermill once again without any hits but noticed that some mighty fat
carp where moving right under the weir.
I had no time to target the fish though as I had an appointment with one of the members of our syndicate
to re-rig his fly rod, next stop would be our hatchery.
On the way to the hatchery I came across the largest roach I had ever seen in the stream, a
target for me on a next visit.

IMG 1358
IMG 1360
IMG 1362

The weather was really perfect, clear blue skies and a nice temperature made it feel like summer.

IMG 1365

At the hatchery members where busy cleaning and repairing some of the rearing ponds.
I met up with the fellow flyfisherman and re-rigged his fly rod.
The gentlemen had not fished with it for a long time so I fixed his setup and gave him
some of my flies that I use on the stream.
One the guys remarked that it was time to test the setup so he took the rod and went

to what I call the mutant pool, a small pool stocked with several diffent kind of trout.

The mutant trout pool was inhabited by rather large rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout
and a few tiger trout (hybrid brown - brook trout).

Off course it took only little time before one of the fish nailed the fly and put up a
good fight.
It was a brightly coloured brook trout that took the small barbless streamer.
So the rig was officially tested and approved.

IMG 1369
IMG 1370
IMG 1371

It was already mid day when I left the hatchery and as I had not eaten anything this day it was time
for the pub to get lunch.
After lunch I fished some of the old haunts where I had spotted trout at an earlier visit.
The fish where difficult to approach with the low and clear water but with a bit of care I managed
to catch some more trout.

IMG 1373
IMG 1374
IMG 1377

Lots of mayflies about but curiously nothing rising for them ... untill I came
across a spot where something was feeding agressively behind a fallen tree.
I tossed a sedge at the commotion and was instantly awarded with a fine
brown trout.

IMG 1378
IMG 1379

So on this beautifull day I managed two roach and six brown trout, not bad at all.
For the next day I might try the chub section of the stream, have not caught one
of those yet.

IMG 1382