After the fancy trip to the mountains it was business as usual at the local stream.
Like each summer the amount of water carried by our little stream has been reduced
to a minimum but I have never seen it so low as it is right now.
Long term weather forecast bode nothing good for our stream so I just have to hopeZ
that it will not run dry over the next couple of weeks.

Flow is minimal and the only place you will find fish now is in some of the deep holes
and sections of the stream that have a weir or deadfalls.
Most of the trout have been cleared out of the stream by the meat fisherman but in
the not so easy to reach locations you can still encounter a few of them.

With some luck I caught roach, dace and even a gudgeon.
When you catch gudgeon you know for sure that you are nymphing right at the bottom :-)
Off course we have a story of the one that got away.
I noticed a feeding trout that was in a location I could not reach with a cast.
Somehow I managed to launch the nymph right into the treeroots where I spotted the
trout and the trout instantly inhaled the fly.

Instead of moving further into the roots the fish choose the open deeper water so I thought
that I had a chance of landing the fish.
Unfortunately the trout had a change of mind and ran back into the treeroots.
My attempts to stop the trout where futile as my light tippet broke under the strain ... bummer.
I know where the trout is located - next weekend I will try again.

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