Today I fieldtested some nymphs that I had tied yesterday.
Some of my buddies almost exclusively used the pattern, I tried it a few times
and could not score a single fish with it.

IMG 2171
During the recent Harz trip I borrowed some of these nymphs from my friend
and did quite well with them so it was time for a second go,

As the drought continiued I opted to fish far downstream from my usual haunts
hoping that the feeder streams would provide deeper water.
It was a wrong assumption though as many of the feeders had dried up completely.

IMG 2177
IMG 2178

Even worse was that I was fishing an open landscape on a very windy day.
Due to the water shortage the current was so weak that the wind pushed flyline and
nymph upstream - not good when you want to catch fish.

Still despite the setbacks I did quite well.
The first fish my new nymph pattern brought to the surface was actually nice surpise.
Instead of the expected chub a nice colored trout took the nymph instantly as it
hit the water.

IMG 2174
IMG 2175

I found some chub hideouts where the chub respondend well to a dry fly and the nymphs.
The big ones where also spotted but some of them had seen me also and wisely
retreated to safer grounds.

IMG 2179
IMG 2180
IMG 2182
IMG 2185
IMG 2187
IMG 2188
IMG 2191
IMG 2192
IMG 2195
IMG 2196
IMG 2197
IMG 2199

IMG 2200

Late in the afternoon I was fed up with the strong wind messing up my casts so I decided
to have dinner at a nearby restaurant.
I was dining outside and allthought the terrace was sheltered it felt chilly.
When a leaf fell on my table I could not escape the thought that fall had arrived.