A time ago I was complaining about the lack of water in the stream.
Well, the weather patterns have finally changed and water is coming out of the sky.
The timing is however far from perfect as it seems that it rains mostly during the weekends.
This weekend was the same, it rained cats and dogs on the day I planned to go fishing.

The plan for saturday was first to join the work party at our hatchery and then fish for
a couple of hours.
The downpour in the morning brought so much water that the work at the hatchery was
As it was raining so hard I had no haste to go fishing and hung around at the hatchery
talking to my fellow fisherman who had also came for the working party.

IMG 2206
Rainbow trout.

One of the regulars showed me an untill now unknown secundairy pond where he raised
trout for our syndicate.
As the pond was near our hatchery on the hillside it was spring fed.
Besides the pond a section of a small ditch was cordonned off where brown trout
where raised, one batch on natural food (shrimps) and one with natural food and pellets.
The ditch trout where sort of trained for live in our stream and where stocked in the
small feeder streams.
Lots of work and effort that paid off in good quality fish.

Eventually I left the hatchery and headed for the stream which boasted higher water
but not the expected brown soup you would usually get with sudden rains.
Levels where raised to a little under the optimal range.
I did not see fish but when I drifted a nymph along a deadfall I got into a fish that
managed to threw the hook pretty quick, most likely a trout.
As it was still raining hard I decided to take shelter and wait untill the downpour got less.

IMG 2208
IMG 2209

With the change of the weather pattern the temperatures dropped.
Most of the crops where harvested making the countryside look empty.
The foliage started to discolor, fall had made its entry quite abrupt.

IMG 2212
Signs of fall.

IMG 2213
Last of the crops.

IMG 2214

After a lunch session at the pub with some friends I headed out to the stream again to the spot where a week or two ago
I had lost a trout in the brush work, maybe I could have a second shot.
A peek trough the brushwork revealed a dozen or so shiners behind half submerged shrub.
Everytime I dropped the nymph close to the debri I would get hits on the fly but got no solid hookups.
When the fish had enough of the disturbance they left and so did I.

Next stop was the village downstream which usually had some spots where you could almost be sure to catch
In the village I often fished the spots that the bait fisherman would avoid due to fast water and the many snags.
Those spots however where sometimes good for the holdover trout that had survided the season.
I hooked one of those and allthough it was a small brown trout it pulled very hard.

IMG 2217
Brown trout

A little further downstream I dropped the nymph into the roots of the brushwork and immediately noticed a lot of gray
shapes appearing from the depth, a school of shiners had taken refuge under the brush.
After several takes I finally hooked a small fish, then a very decent one.

IMG 2218
IMG 2221
IMG 2222

Allthough I could have visited some other spots I thought all was well for the day.
The skies where dark, it rained and it was already late so time to go home.