On this day we headed first to the headwaters of our little stream as one of our friends
had reported quite a few trout at that location.
If was a nice hazy fall morning with a quite enjoyable temperature.

IMG 2231
IMG 2232

I had not visited the headwaters for a long time as fishing there was useless during times of low water.
Every season the stream changed it's face, trees fell and created new deep pools - other places tended to
fill up with sand.
The latter happened to my local honeyhole - totally filled in with sand thus all fish where gone.
In my search for slightly deeper water I had to go into the local jungle which was by now totally
overgrown with thorny bushes and shrubs.

IMG 2235
IMG 2236
IMG 2234
IMG 2233

Most spots where just to shallow to fish, I got no further than one hit of my strike indicator.
There was one last spot where I could try to catch something but first I had to clear out some
of the thorny blackberrys to get to the stream.
Once I had opened up the fishing spot I could see that the water was deep enough to hold fish.

IMG 2228
IMG 2229

One drift with the nymph showed me fish where present, first a roach and then a brown trout.
So the presence of brown trout was confirmed only the size could have been a little better.
I noticed a quite loud plop in the same pool which was from a larger fish but I could not get
it to take the fly.

IMG 2225
IMG 2227

Later that day we had the opportunity to fish at the pool of one of the local watermills which was usually of limits
to us as it was private property.
We knew this pool was stocked with quite a few trout so succses was almost guaranteed.
In the beginning catching fish was fairly easy but soon the fact of our presence got around and bites got less and less.

IMG 2256
IMG 2257
IMG 2260
IMG 2262
IMG 2264

Near sunset the bites stopped alltogether so we called it a day.
Maybe we get another shot at fishing this location soon.