As the trout season and also a section of my stream would be closed at the end of the
month I decided to go on a last outing to the stream.
Having gained another permit to fish the mill pool I was pretty confident that the fishing
session would be good.
The last couple of days had been pretty warm for the time of year but still temperatures
would drop steady in the evening.
The day started foggy, no signs of any rainshowers that where foretold by the weatherforecast.

IMG 2298
Last crop on the field, late canola.

IMG 2299
Sweetcorn fields already harvested

IMG 2300
Pheasant - tail - nymph :-)

My first stop was at the hatchery this day as a work party had been planned.
Now I had no intention to work, I was rather hoping that one of the locals had woke up early and
made coffee.
The plan failed as I ran into the regular caretaker of the hatchery who had to chop firewood somewhere
in the area.

So it was off to the Watermill right away.
The inhabitants of the mill where an elderly couple who where kind enough to permit us anglers access
to their grounds.
I announced myself and dropped off a small present to the old folks, some typical Dutch waffles which
I knew they would appreciate.

I was the only one fishing the pool on that early morning.
The water looked good, there was however a lot of debri floating on the surface as the leaves
where really starting to fall know.
I missed the schools of fish I had seen on the previous visit but could catch a Dace on a nymph
pretty quickly.

IMG 2305

IMG 2306

My next catch was a rudd, a rather untypical fish for the stream as it prefers stillwaters like
ponds or lakes.
I had spotted a big rudd earlier but this was a tiny one.

IMG 2308

At the last visit I was complaining for the east wind that would effect fishing.
Well, this time the winddirecting was from the proper angle but the fish just would not bite.
I was pondering what the heck was wrong, changing nymphs and adjusting depths just did not
work out.
If there would be any trout in the mill pool I would surely have seen some action in the surface.
It was time to check if maybe a pike was making the water unsafe.
I dragged a streamer through the pool and was at least expecting a bite of a small perch but oddly
nothing happened.

My last ditch effort to catch a predator was to drop the streamer right behind the weir of the mill.
There the water was falling from considerably hight down into the pool and created a deep hole.
When I retrieved the streamer along the wall of the mill it was intercepted, by a trout.
It turned out to be a brown trout, a strong fish that put a good bend in the 4-weight.

IMG 2313
IMG 2314
A nice brown trout from the mill pool.

In the afternoon some other fisherman came by, it was the chairman of our fishing syndicate with a
They where installing themselves right at the weir which they percieved as the best spot to fish.
Both gentlemen fishing the conventional way with bait.
What always surprised me was how crude their tackle was, heavy rods armed with big floats.
As I was still catching fish these guys where catching nothing at all, very odd as I thought that the
fish would more easily take a worm than a fly.

As the front section of the pool was now mined with floats and groundbaits I headed down to the
stream to see if I could find fish in some of the shallow pools.

IMG 2317

The roadbridge boosted some deeper pools and maybe a trout.
In the shadows under the brigde I could spot fish but they where mostly small roach and dace mixed
with a lot of small gudgeons.

IMG 2318

IMG 2321
Leaves are starting to color.

IMG 2322
The stream, carrying not much water which is usual at this time of year.

As was common in this season the stream did not carry a lot of water and most pools where to
shallow to fish or the fish where to wary and fled upon sight.
I decided not to follow the stream further down and headed back to the pool.

My first cast into the shallow section of the pool yielded a strike of a big fish, one that actually
jumped. It turned out to be the brown trout I had caught earlier that day on the streamer.
Best of all it happened within view of our chairman was still watching his float in vain.

IMG 2324
Same brown I caught in the morning, this time it went for the nymph.

As the nymph fishing at the end of the pool did not produce the shiners that usually hang out there
I headed right up to the mill weir and noticed that a lot of roach where milling around there.
I crawled along the wall of the mill and dropped the nymph right at the edge of the weir and
subsequently caught a couple of the small roach under the watchfull eye of our chairman and his friend.
The first one responded by "we have to learn how to flyfish", I guess he has seen the light :-)

IMG 2325
Last fish of the session.

Just like the last visit action pretty much died when sunset approached.
It was time to call it a day and head to the pub for dinner.
From the distance I could see smoke rising from chimney of the pub, appearantly it
was cold enough now to light a fire.
I ordered my usual menu and thought that it was a pretty good ending nonetheless for this
years troutseason at the stream.

IMG 2327