On this day a working parting at the hatchery of my syndicate was planned.
It was chilly and a thick blanket of fog covered the land.

IMG 2676
IMG 2662
IMG 2664

At the hatchery the usual suspects where at work.
I guess it is the same everywhere, plenty of people who want to fish but just
a few who actually want to work for maintaining a good fishery.

The kids where busy with removing the leaves from the ponds and the walkways.
Others including myself where busy with the pavement of some of the hatchpools
as they had become untight.
When to much water drains from the pools our main water pump has to work
overtime resulting in a hefty electricity bill at the end of the year which hurts
a small syndicate.

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IMG 2668
IMG 2675

After the working party I headed out to the stream to fish a little.
The fog had not lifted during the afternoon and with the temperature not exceeding
the 5 degrees C (41F) I had little hope of catching anything.
Also the rains of the last couple of weeks had produced quite a flow in my little

IMG 2672
IMG 2673

My plan was to fish my honeyholes where I almost always caught fish.
At times the waterlevels would rise for a while indicating the mill further upstream
was working.

The plan to catch fish actually worked as I could catch one Dace
and one Roach on a small pt nymph.
Action was minimal though and when my second spot did not produce any bites
anymore I called it a day.

IMG 2670
IMG 2671
IMG 2674

As I had skipped breakfast and lunch I had to get something to eat so I made
my way through the fog and arrived at the pub.

IMG 2678

I was the only guest at opening time and installed myself at the fireplace to warm
up. After a few cold ones and a good meal it was time to head home, a good day.