The weatherforecast had predictied a dull gray day but the blue skies in the morning
told something completely different.

IMG 2682
IMG 2683
IMG 2686IMG 2685

The big idea of the day was to visit my summertime chub honeyholes in order to catch a chub.
Off course this was a desperate attempt as all the fish that used to swim so freely in the river
this summer had somehow dissappeared ... traceless.

I went in search of the fish and checked out all my favorite spots but there was no sign of life
anywhere. Off course I have to admit that I have no clue where these fish where overwintering so
a litte research might have helped in order to increase my chances of catching anything.
And while I probed my best spots with nymphs and streamers a thick blanket of clouds
covered the land and for a moment I actually thought it would start to rain.

As plan A failed miserably it was time for plan B and that was to visit to roach haunts.
When I finally arrived at one of the spots I wanted to fish it began to drizzle, the
weatherservice got their way with the gray dull day.

IMG 2689

Fishing wise though it went pretty swell as I actually got some hits on the small Ritz-D nymph I was fishing.
After a few cautious nibbles my indicator stopped and I could hook my first roach of the day, no skunk jay ...

IMG 2690

Once I had gotten the right depth figured out I had bites all the time.
The bite was on and I could land several fish.

IMG 2698IMG 2694
IMG 2705

Off course it was quiet at the water as most sane anglers would have mothballed their gear already.
Still you never can tell when it is all over.
The only other creatures around where the small songbirds in the shrubs.

IMG 2704

I fished untill the light started to fade and bites wore off.
It started to feel a bit uncomfortable to be outside so what better plan than to visit the pub for a hot
meal and some dark wheat beers to go with it.

On the way to the pub I made another stop at the stream and wondered how fast these leaves had
gone in the last two weeks ...

IMG 2666IMG 2709

I was glad I got out on this day as it would most likely be the last time on the river this year.
Or maybe not as I said the same thing two weeks ago :-)