OK, it was not the smartest move to go fishing this day as temperatures
where barely above freezing and the second flu of this year had me in it's grip.
Besides the joys of basic flu this one came with an eye infection as a bonus.

IMG 0919

Still it was the second month without seeing a fish so I just had to go, 
I timed my short venture outdoors during the period when the outside 
air temperature would be at it's peak.

IMG 0921

I ventured to the harbour and guess what ...  I was the only fisherman.
I tied on a streamer and dragged the canal hoping for a bite.
It was could outside but not to bad.
The small roach where still active at the end of the canal but the strong wind
had made the water all murky - that was bad.

I did my best but I could not get any strikes from the predators.
With the sun setting the temperature went down the drain and the guides began
to ice up.
I tried the more sheltered mooring sites inside the harbour and had one certified hit
when I pulled the streamer long the egde of the ice sheet.

IMG 0922
IMG 0923

Unfortunately I had to leave the scene with a blank, Now I felt sick ... really really sick...

As I write this I have spend the whole working week sick at home due to the flue but I think
I am enough recovered now to give fishing yet another try.
I might check out the river in the weekend and see if any fish are willing to bite before
the next cold weather period sets in.