The first day at work was traded in for a day¡¦s fishing.
My friends and I decided that the first Monday of the year would
be better spend at the shores of Lake Oostvoorne in pursuit of
brackish water trout.

The weather was wonderful, a light North-westerly breeze and finally some sunshine after days of rain.
At the lake the fish did not show themselves, it was quiet ¡K at least at the spot I was 

When my friends came ashore for a break they told me that they saw loads of tailing fish but could get into proper casting range.
After the break we all headed to that attractive spot but conditions had changed quickly.
The wind had gathered force and was pushing nice little waves on the lake, the fish had stopped feeding and where nowhere to be seen.
We still tried desperately to hook one of those elusive trout but the fish where just not cooperating.
At least not for us because another Fisherman who just arrived managed to catch one within 15 minutes.
Most likely one of the locals who know the lake very well.

It was always very difficult for outsiders like us to do well at the lake especially during the winter.
The only thing we could do was to keep trying and wait for sunset because then the fish would enter the shallows and hunt for small fish and shrimp.
In the dark I finally spotted fish, to bad a large trout jumped right next to me instead it should have attacked the fly ļ
Even our bellyboat captain who always was into fish blanked on this memorable day.

We stayed pretty long after sunset but things where not working out so we left early.
When our friend drove in front of us on the highway we noticed something sticking out of the car. 
We drove besides them and saw that one of their landingnets was still attached to the outside of the door via a magnet.
Even at 120 km/h it stayed put so we phoned them and told them they had forget 
They eventually safely retrieved the net by opening the window and grab it.

So Lake Oostvoorne will not see us in the near future.
Maybe we have a go at it in spring when the trout are more active and will hunt in the shallows.