Plan A today was to head to Germany to fish the river for the first time this year.
I had hoped that the wind would die down today but I still could hear the wind howling this morning.

I opted to go for plan B which was fishing the harbor in the town I work.
Main target was perch so I took my 4-weight superfine rod plus some small zonker streamers with me.

My usual good spots where pretty useless today, the strong wind had kicked up so much silt that visibility was minimal.
I received not a single hit on the fly as I probed the walls and docks of the harbor.
As a last ditch effort I tried the dead end stretch at the courthouse.

When I tossed a streamer near a bridge I saw fish following so my hopes where up.
After a while I began to catch the perch, the majority very small but there where also some nice one among them.
Not bad for a day with rotten weather.