Despite the extremely lousy weather today (it is expected to rain continuously for 72 hrs) we went out to our favorite pike pond this morning.
During the low light conditions in the morning we could not spot any action in the water.
Not only the low light but strong winds and continuous showers roughened up the waters surface.

Later in the morning we spotted fleeing baitfish and both managed to hook and land a pike.
I was using the light rod again with a red/yellow streamer which was in fact a steelhead fly from a set I once purchased during a fly sale.
The pike I got was a small one but a welcome sight since action was kind of slow.

Pike on small streamer.

I managed to hook a larger fish in another pond but unfortunately that fish came off at the last minute.
At the end of our session I had another run in with the pike.
While fishing along a wall I missed the strike of a pike, since the fish had not felt the hook I fished the
spot for a second time and once again missed the strike.

So the weather was terrible but the fish was biting and off course almost everybody else wasted time by staying home.