As this Sunday was the day with the best weather this weekend I choose it as my fishing day.
From the online water gage I figured the stream might just be fishable even though
the water level was quite high due to the recent rains.
Normally the fishing at the river started of slowly at the end of March beginning of April but since
the winter had been so mild I figured I might actually catch a fish so early in spring.

IMG 2608
IMG 2609

My usual 100% hotspot had curiously no fish, not a single take and no signs of life.
Under normal conditions you could spot fish moving about at this spot, fish would be hanging in the
current behind the submerged branches.
I had misjudged the amount of water still flowing through the stream though.

IMG 2611

Further upstream I had more luck when I fished near a submerged tree.
There where quite a few roach under the tree but the strong current and a brisk breeze made proper presentation difficult.
In the end I could land one smallish roach - first of the year.

Ritz D
Ritz D

The nymph I fished was a weighted Ritz D nymph, a proven pattern from past outings.
This particular version was tied on a gold jig hook, ingredients:  tungsten bead, copper wire,
peacock herl, red wool and pheasant tail fibres.

IMG 2614

A deep drifted nymph near a weir resulted in a small brown trout which was promptly relased as it was 
closed season for trout.
My last fish contact was at another weir where a bold dace attacked my indicator,
I could spot the fish but they where not eager to take my nymphs.

IMG 2615
IMG 2616

I ceased fishing midday and headed for the pub to grab something to eat, the usual stuff...

IMG 2624
IMG 2626

Spring has arrived, snowdrops are in full bloom and I spotted a Lapwing on the fields.
Fish are however not yet in spring mode as they still hide out in their overwintering spots.

IMG 2620
IMG 2617

The long term weather prediction tells of cooler weather but I hope we get a few more days like today before spring really starts