On this day I checked out some new locations which have come available to me due to a deal
of my syndicate and that of the neighboring village.
When I was en route to the water I spotted one of those rare white egrets parading on a field.
Normally these birds are pretty shy but this one just went on doing its business.
So I took the camera out and checked if everything was in working order ... appearantly not
as the message "cannot  record" was stated on the display.
I had forgotten to put the memory back into the camera and also forgot to bring a spare as I
usually did - I could kick myself ....

2014-03-01 09.26.54
The small speck to the left of the tracks in the field is a white heron, really ....

The new water did not boast enough interesting water for flyfishing but then again it was early season
and it might be good for some fish afterall when summer started.
I tried a spot in the water of my second syndicate on the same stream where I had caught some fish
this summer but nothing materialized.
The water was still pretty high due to the recent rains and off course it was early season.

2014-03-01 09.30.24

I did not want the day to end fishless so I returned to my homewaters where I more or less knew
how to catch fish.
My usual hotspot once again let me down, only one slight nibble on the nymph and that was it.
Maybe a pike had taken station at my favorite spot.
Along the stream I noticed that some of the trees where cut down.
I really hoped they would leave the debris in the stream as that was where the fish could find
cover in these shallow lowland streams.

2014-03-01 10.41.36

At one of the deadfalls in the stream I tossed in a small weighted pheasant tail nymph and
hooked three fish in short order.
The fish that stayed connected where a nice dace and a surprise perch, mission accomplished.

2014-03-01 11.59.31
2014-03-01 12.06.50

The stream still carried a lot of water but the level has gone down continuously during the week.
Fish where still in winter mode thus difficult to locate and to catch.
The general outlook is good though as temperatures slowly rise and trout season opener is about
two week away.