With the weather service predicting lousy weather and a temperature drop for this Saturday
I decided to skip work and chartered one of my friends to explore some new waters.
The bad thing about today was that the fog stayed put for a long time, when we hit the water
the air temperature was +1 degrees C.

IMG 2748

As you can figure action was slow but I was pretty soon into a small Dace and a Roach.
The new section was costly on the equipment though as I
lost several nymphs to debris on the floor of the stream.

IMG 2745
IMG 2746

We headed to our regular haunts in the afternoon and the sun came out and temperatures rose.
I spotted plenty of fish but for some reason they where not biting.
With some luck a deep pool yielded one nice Dace out of the fast flowing water.

IMG 2749

It was pretty frustrating to toss nymphs amongst 20+ roach and not having a single fish take the fly.
I spotted some very fat dace in shallow water but was not able to present the fly without
scaring the hell out of them.
My collegue came across two trout which he spooked so I guess somebody has been stocking for
the upcoming trout season.

IMG 2751

Fish are plenty but they have lockjaw for the moment.
Water is still clear but the surface is now cluttered with debris from the flowering Alder and Hazel trees.