I had to try and catch larger fish but once again it was tough in the great outdoors.
At a spot that looked like the perfect hideout for a brown trout I caught a few tiny
roach and that was it.
For some reason the stretch of the stream flowing through the open land yielded
just  few fish.

The lack of succses caused me to fish the protected waters of the stream inside the village.
There I spotted tons of dace in the surface, I got the first one on a nymph.
Roach where also present but not in the mood to take any of the nymphs I offered them.

With the fine weather and lots of sushine the dace in the stream where actively feeding
on the surface so I switched from a nymph to a small segde.
I had dozens of hits on the dry fly and finally caught one of the dace off the surface.
Had to cut the visit short due to other obligations but off course I will return.

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