It was tough going today, instead of going to work I decided to use this sundreched day for a visit to the stream.
The lack of water caused the stream to be a very low level and subsequently the fish where ultra wary.
I only managed to catch a few tiny dace and a small brown trout.
Tomorrow I might head out again and look up some other spots that might provide more action.

The weather was warm and sunny but there was a quite strong breeze blowing about.
Temperatues still plummeted fast at sunset so warm clothing was still required.

The wildlife once again outwitted me as they spotted me first so I missed the deer that was drinking at the stream.
The large birds of prey that where perched up on trees and poles in the fields also got me in their sights
before I could even think of getting the camera out.
Last but not least the magnificent kingfisher flew by like a blue lightning streak, one day I will get a picture of him....

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