My lately not so hot hot-spot finally produced some roach again.
I started out small and then pulled some of the big boys from under the trees.
All on a small gold bead ritz-d nymph tied on a golden hook.
I decided to use a fluorocarbon again as it pays to get the nymphs quickly at operation depth.
Off course all the action would not last and before I knew it the fish where gone.

IMG 2854
Major source of flytying material

IMG 2856
IMG 2858
IMG 2859
IMG 2861
IMG 2862
IMG 2864

At another spot the stream yielded a small perch, unusual to catch them on a nymph in the stream.
There are some perch in the stream and I have seen decent size ones but there are only few and
I have yet to catch a big one.
At the same location I noticed an active fish under the trees so I tossed a nymph at it and was instantly
awarded with a beautifully marked little trout.

IMG 2865
IMG 2866

Further upstream I noticed tons of dace in the shallow water with very respectable fish among them.
I tied on a small barbless CDC segde and made long casts in order not to spook them.
I Got a few nice fish from the school before they left for better pastures.

IMG 2870
IMG 2871
IMG 2872
IMG 2873

After the dace it was time for my break so I left for the pub and took some pictures of the flowerbed
on the forest floor.

IMG 2874
IMG 2875
IMG 2876
IMG 2877

Before I arrived at the pub I did travel along some potential fishing spots so I stopped and took a look.
What I saw was alarming, far downstream the water was clear - here it was as dark as coffee.
The stream was so dark in color with visibility to zero that I feared the worst - aka liquid manure dumping -
so I called the chairman of the syndicate to take a look.
He came instantly with a warden and went out to investigate what caused the dark water.
I have not heard yet what the cause was but as I can state now no fish have come to harm.

The dangers on such a small stream are manure from farmers or not properly working communal or
private wastewater facilities that can kill-off all life in a stream within a few hours.
To rebuild a stream biologically however takes three to five years.
When shit happens it is in order to find the cause asap to take legal action againts the people who
caused the destruction.

Further fishing was out of the question so I did a bit of sightseeing and planted myself on a sitting bench
on top of the hill and gazed down the valley.
All in all it was a nice day but it left me feeling uncomfortable about the future of the stream.

IMG 2882
IMG 2884
IMG 2889