The last few fishing sessions on the stream had been kind of slow even though
temperatures had picked up and insect life gathered more speed.
At the last venue I was out with some of the local flyfisherman and even though it
was more of a social event quite a few fish where caught ... but not by me.
I struggled somewhat especially in the trout department.

The last weekend was weather wise a bit dissappointing as it turned out to be
rather chilly. My plan was to scout for surface feeding trout but the overcast skies
and low temperatures cancelled that approach.
Also the water had receeded more that I had thought making fish extra wary and
thus difficult to approach.

I started the day late figuring I made the best change when temperatures had
climbed a bit. A visit to my roach hotspot remained fruitless, it had only produced
once or twice this season and now it was dead again.
Further upstream though loads of fish where hiding in the submerged brushwork.
Seeing fish and catching fish where two different worlds though, I was happy I
had caught at least a small roach.

IMG 2980

The next fish I hauled in from the deep was a very nice size Dace.
There where quite a few of those big dace in the stream, at bright sunny summer days they
where excellent fish to be targeted with dry flies.

IMG 2982

There where plenty of fish around the brushwork but off course those places where virtually impossible
to fish as your nymph would get lost in the minefield of submerged debris.

IMG 2983
IMG 2987
Roach galore

It seemed like the countryside got greener by the week.
The barleywheat was coming along nicely and the corn was just coming out of the earth.

IMG 2988
IMG 2989

Spots that held trout a week or two ago where now vacant, either cleared or the trout had seeked
deeper water as the levels had gone done quite a bit.

IMG 2992

I checked out a spot where I knew that a trout was hiding a few weeks ago and to my surprise I
noticed a fish shaped from underneath a treestump.
Flotsam had accumulated in front of the treestump and the trout was barely visible as it sometimes
moved forward to pick up food items.

I first tried the subtle approach by letting a segde drift along the debris but the trout would not go
for that. Plan B was to let a nymph slip underneath the treestump, it was an instant succses.
The problem was however that the trout did not make a run for it but retreaded further into the debris
and got stuck.
I managed to reach the debris without taking on water and pulled the debris loose still feeling
tension on my leader.
Surprisingly though the fish had done a Houdini act by somehow dissappearing and sticking the nymph
into a submerged piece of wood ... bummer.

IMG 2994
IMG 2995
IMG 2998

Further searches for trout only yielded small roach and dace.
I had forgotten about the time and noticed it was already long past midday and I did not even had
taken the time for lunch yet.
So it was off to the local pub where I installed myself in front of the fireplace and ordered lunch.
I spend quite a time at the pub and pondered that I could not go home withouth catching a trout.

After I finished my meal I would check out one last spot where I figured trout might be present.
First a few small dace and roach went for the fly but then I finally hooked a trout.
The trout was small but perfectly build, a sure sign of the excellent work done at our syndicates

IMG 3001

Even though it was not that warm hordes of little flies where racing over the water.
Just as I though dry fly a trout shot out of the water in front of me and grabbed a natural.
Allthough I was tempted to use a dry fly the deep pool in front of me was maybe better suited
for nymph fishing.
I opted to fish a buzzer pattern fitted with a tungsten bead and drifted the fly close to the
debris on the other bank.
This tactic paid off as I hooked a larger trout, still not a monster but again a perfect specimen.
Mission accomlished, now I could go home :-)

IMG 3002
IMG 3003
IMG 3004

Despite the colder weather the fish still did cooperate on this day.
I even noticed the first large Danica mayfly on the water so hopefully they will hatch in numbers
soon and fish will key in on them.

IMG 3006