It had rained continuously for several days so when we decided to go fishing after the rains
stopped we where not sure what we would find.
As the stream had a floor generally made up of sand any high water situation usually resulted
in a coffee colored mess.

A look at the river gage downstream showed that the flow was still double of the normal rate
but upstream the situation usually was different.
When we drove past another small stream in the region the more or less clear water was
Arriving at our stream we saw that the water was still high but reasonably clear, clear enough
to give it a go.

I could not spot any fish so I opted to fish in one of the deeper bends of the stream.
Bites where sporadic and all I could manage was a small roach and a gudgeon.
What I did notice was the abundance of mayflies so I thought about fishing the dry.
As I forgot to bring the mayfly patterns with me I tied on a small segde and went looking
for rising fish.

In front of a bend some branches and other debris had washed against one of the trees that
lined the stream and a trout was rising contiuously.
To get into a casting position I had to scale down the slippery banks.
A fine layer of slippery clay had been deposited on the banks and the risks of an unvoluntairily
swim where present.
I managed to find a foothold without swimming though and tried to make a proper presentation.
Not that easy as the fly could only float dragfree for a short while.

The trout went for the fly two times but I missed the takes both times.
I feared the trout might have felt the hook but after a while it happily continued feeding.
In the end it came up again and nailed the segde, mission acomplished.

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