I  started fishing in the sweltering heat and noticed some very big dace feeding in one of the deeper bends of the stream.
The fish where out of reach but I did get some of the straglers.

IMG 3191
IMG 3187
IMG 3189
IMG 3190

At another spot I noticed fish feeding agressively on the surface so it could be either trout or dace.
Since I missed the lightning fast strikes it turned out to be dace, only got one of them before they cleared out.

IMG 3194
IMG 3192

I had a go at a quite decent trout when I heard some rumblings above the trees.
When I walked out into the open I noticed a huge dark wall of clouds coming my way so I scrambled for cover
and made it just in time to the pub.
I got a bit carried away by the trout stalking but made it in one piece to the pub where I had my extensive lunch.

IMG 3196
IMG 3195

It rained cats and dogs for a while and allthough the landlord mentioned my fishing would be over due to the
sudden deluge I was confident that I would have another go at the trout.
Unfortunately the landlord was right, the water rose more than a 30cm and visibility was zero.
Lots of debris floating on top so I could forget about trying the dry fly.

IMG 3197

But ... tomorrow is another day and if I am early enough I might get some more fish before the predicted thunder and lightning starts.

IMG 3198