I got a rude awakening at 03.00 hrs this morning by lightning and thunder.
Somehow going fishing today seemed not to be the brightest idea but I went ahead anyway.

At the first bridge I crossed my fears where confirmed, the stream was high and muddy - just like the last downpour yesterday.

IMG 3202
Bright blue sky in the morning ... it would not last.

IMG 3204
Small feeder, high water level.

Hope springs eternal as they say and off course I had a cunning plan ... fishing my hotspot.
Unfortunately the fish thought otherwise, I guess they just could not get to the nymph I was fishing.

There was hope however as the dace where still in the murky surface feeding.
Casting was impossible though so I scouted the stream for a more open spot and feeding dace.
I did not find them but I noticed fish where a ditch brought more or less clean water into the stream.
Fish where hovering near some branches so I tossed nymphs at the fish and caught a mix of dace and roach.
It went really well considering the off conditions.
Some of my friends where also in the area but had not much luck so I directed them to the location I was fishing.

IMG 3208
IMG 3207
IMG 3209
IMG 3211

With afternoon storms forecast I decided to take a lunch break early.
After my break I noticed that the thunderclouds where building up fast and the horizon turned into a nasty dark hue - time to clear out of the area.

IMG 3221
Fixer upper.

IMG 3224
Thunder clouds vorming.

IMG 3226
A storm is brewing.

As expected all hell broke loose later in the day with lots of rain and hail mixed in, no sense to go fishing anymore.

With all the moisture and heat still present I expect a second outbreak
later this evening, still I had my fish fix today