I spend another day at the stream yesterday.
Weatherwise it started out overcast with a fresh breeze and decent temperatures.

IMG 3228
IMG 3230

Allthough the stream had receeded from the flash floods of last week my hotspot was muddy,
the culprit was however a fat carp that was ploughing the floor of the stream.

I got lots of bites at the start and starting catching small roach.
When the action stopped I changed from a small PT nymph to a buzzer type nymph and bites came back again.

IMG 3231
IMG 3232
IMG 3233
IMG 3234

Further upstream the roach where also in numbers but still only small fish. 
Managed one large dace and as a surprise a rather skinny brown trout. 

IMG 3237
IMG 3238

After my lunchbreak late in the afternoon I figured the best option would be to fish the dry fly.
The cloud cover had diminished somewhat allowing more sunshine to come through.
With the low water and all the debris in the stream fishing a segde made sense.

IMG 3243

The goal was to catch a trout but first I had a go at a couple of lightning fast dace, managed two of them.
At a spot where I suspected trout the dry fly had no succses, at first.
There where not many insects about and no rising fish untill I noticed one rise near a sunken tree.
It took two casts before I had the fly exactly on the right spot and off course the trout nailed the fly 
instantly as it appeared in front of the fish.

IMG 3244
IMG 3246
IMG 3248
IMG 3249
IMG 3250
IMG 3252
IMG 3255
IMG 3256

The sun was already low in the sky but I could have continued fishing.
I opted to call it a day and sat down and looked at the setting sun, perfect day.