Hot as hell that is how you could describe yesterdays weather with temps around the 30 degrees+.
The only comfort was the wind and where possible shade.

IMG 3447
IMG 3453

Fish where very active though and I started catching small roach quickly.
Even more interesting was the fact that fish where surface feeding so I eventually switched from small nymphs to small sedge patterns.

IMG 3458
IMG 3460
Surface feeding roach.

Some of the rises where so agressive that I suspected trout where the culprit but these where at locations I could not reach.
My first catch on the dry was rather surprisingly a small roach.

IMG 3451
Dace on the dry fly.

Then the dace came and I caught quite a few of them.
In one section of the stream that was shallow and wide the fish where everywhere with some pretty big dace mixed in.
At first I thought it would be easy pickings but as my little segde landed on the water the fish spooked and headed in every direction.
With a little more care I managed to catch one of the big ones but the sun got to me so I moved on.

IMG 3455
IMG 3456
Dace on the dry fly, in this case small deerhair segde pattern size 14 / 15.

IMG 3457
Hot and sunny in the open.

I made a stop at the pub for lunch and opted to leave the (empty) beergarden for what it was and at inside.
I had expected to see a lot of people on bikes today but it was just too darn hot.
The afternoon session was spent under the canopy of the forest which made fishing bareble.

IMG 3464
IMG 3466
IMG 3467
Roach on a buzzer type fly, golden jig hook - tungsten bead - peacock herl -
body of black thread ribbed with pear tinsel and finally coated with bug bond.
IMG 3474
IMG 3475
Nice brown trout
IMG 3477
IMG 3478
Wild arum
IMG 3481
Roach from shallow water.

At one of my hotspots the fish where teeming, from my vantage point high above the water I spotted roach, dace and gudgeons moving about in a frenzy.
When another fish moved in and the small one dispersed with lightning speed I knew it was a trout and as luck will have it I caught it in the end.

IMG 3482
Days end, fields close to harvesting time.

I ended the day pretty late with a stop at the hatchery as I wanted to see if anybody was around and hear the latest news about the syndicate.
The place was packed by coincidence as our chairman was throwing a family party so I hung around for a couple of cold beers before heading home.