Mission Chub.

My intention was to sight fish for chub with dry flies at my chub hotspots but I had not taken into account
the flooding that had occurred locally over the border.
My hot spots carried a lot of murky water so I could not see any fish and also did not spot rising fish.
To make it al worse I did not even manage to catch a tiddler.

IMG 3566
IMG 3568
IMG 3567

And it all started so promising when I started the day and visited a new spot I had never fished before.
It was a weir near a village that had as constant guardian a baitfisherman ... not today.
I checked the weir out and allthough I spotted two carp and a pike
I could not see chub, roach or dace.

I decided to check out the open section of the stream which was uniformly shallow in depth and had pretty clear water.
When I noticed surface movement near a bunch of damselflies my thought where chub so I rushed to the spot.
The chub spotted me first though and moved off with a huge bowwave through the stream.
I hoped for a second chance and moved further upstream but every fish I encountered came racing downstream.
There where a lot of fish ... chub and bream and all big ... and all unwilling to pause or look at the fly.
When I finally had a more or less decent shot at a chub (at least I thought it was a chub due to the mouth) a small dace rushed forward and ate the dryfly.

IMG 3563

IMG 3560

Other spots where probed for fish but nothing happened - not a single bite.
At least the fruit trees along the road yielded something.

IMG 3565
IMG 3573
IMG 3574
IMG 3575

In the end I opted to leave the chub alone.
I figured that one of these days conditions would return to normal.
With all the damselflies around I had hoped that at least some fish would show themselves when
they attempted to grab them ... it did not happen.

IMG 3570
IMG 3571

At my regular haunts I caught some small roach on nymphs and a dace on the dry fly - lots of fish around but mostly small ones.
The heat finally got to me so I ended up at my favorite pub for a meal and a couple of cold ones - best moment of the day :-)
If the weather permits (thunderstorms are predicted) I might give the chub another go.

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IMG 3577
IMG 3578
IMG 3579