Germany August 3rd. 2014

As my first attempt to catch chub was a failure due to the fact that I could not find any
feeding chub I tried again a couple of days later.
At one of the new spots I had visited I tried again and since the stream at the new spot
was shallow and without any cover I had to find a proper ambush spot.

Some scouting on satellite imagery made me conclude that a small weir would be
the best spot to catch any fish.
Unfortunately when I walked up to the weir I could not spot any fish at all.
The type of weir was what I call a bad one.
The first was the drop off from the higher level, the second was a row of concrete poles
several feet after the weir.
Allthough there was deep water right under the weir the concrete poles caused a 
strong countercurrent towards the weir, very arkward to fish.
Fortunately the stream is still being improved so maybe they will do some work on
the remaining old type weirs.

DSC 3983
DSC 3984
Shallow and clear.

As the weir was an obvious barrier I concluded that any kind of fish would be located downstream and
that is exactly where I found them.
Now I could have sworn that I had seen chub on the previous session but all the fish I encountered 
where bream.
When it comes to bream I am no good as I only caught one till now on the fly and allthough I caught
that fish on sight any later attempts failed.

DSC 3986
DSC 3989
DSC 3992
DSC 3995

The trick to catch bream was to actually spot the feeding ones, the majority of fish I saw where just
cruising and alarmed by my presence.
Still I found one or two tailing fish but whatever fly I tried they just would not have it.
In the end I had to leave the bream alone and move downstream below the hydroelectrical powerplant
in the stream that still functioned as a fish barrier preventing any exchange of fish from the upper
sections of the stream.

At one of the small feeder stream I noticed a lot of fish moving about and feeding on the surface.
When I took a closer look it turned out that they where all chub, mostly small ones but also some
larger fish.
I think the feeder was off limits for me license wise but I sneaked in anyway and tried to toss a 
dry fly amongst the rising fish.
The small size of the feeder, steep banks and bushes prevented me from making a presentation
that did not scare the fish so I gave up and tried my luck elsewhere.

The next stop was at a junction of another feeder and the main stream.
I head never fished there but when I came at the junction I saw big bream moving in and also
plenty of small roach or dace.
A friend had told me of this spot and mentioned that it was also good for perch.
A closer look into the water indeep yielded a few of a good speciment.
I managed a small dace and perch but could not get into any good fish.

DSC 3999
DSC 4000

I left the spot mentioned before when on two occasions cormorants came swimming out of the feeder
stream. The feeder stream was small and heavily overgrown but contrary to folklore not a hindrance to
these black bandits.

All and all it was not going that swell so to save the day I headed back to the upstream sections of the
stream where I had more expirience in finding the fish.
The regular haunts where teeming with fish be it all in the small department.
I caught small roach on nymphs and dace on the dry fly.
I spotted one trout but could not reach it with the fly due to all the shrubs and debris in the water.

DSC 4003
DSC 4004
DSC 4005

As it was late in the day and I had not eaten anything all day I made a stop at the pub.
After my dinner I made a final attempt at getting some larger fish or maybe even a trout by fishing
the stream in the forest.
From a high vantage point I spotted a large school of dace and roach and did my utmost best
to hook any fish.
Curiously the fish where terrified of my strike indicator which doubled as a means to control the
depth of the nymph in the shallow water.
Every time the indcator flowed towards the fish they would back away.
With some tinkering I caught one larger roach and that would be the last catch of the day.

DSC 4007

So fishing is not that easy in these August days.
I noticed that the weather pattern is changing and that there is a feeling of all in the air.
We will see how the lower temperatures effect in the fishing in the coming weeks.