For this Sunday the weather predictions where pretty miserable so it could have been a reason not to go.
The predictions had recently been pretty of the mark so I went anyway.
The first stop on my route was the stream at its headwater where many small ditches from the surrounding
hills formed the stream.
I had not been there for a long time and the main reason was that most of my honey holes had been filled
with sand. 

After each season the stream changed its face, deep spots dissappear and new ones are created.
Especially in the shallow upstream waters depth was the keyword for cathing fish.
Two feet was usually enough for sheltering fish.
The only life I spotted was a big fat muskrat that had climbed up the bank to get to the green grass.

IMG 3580
Fall like weather.

The headwaters where not productive so it was off downstream to other hot spots.
At one particular pool I had caught some fish in the past but now I could not even find the entrance
to the spot as the shrubs and grasses had grown tremendously during the last weeks.
When I finally cut my way through the high nettles I immediately noticed some roach fleeing into
the deep section of the pool - fish where present.

Nymphing yielded no fish so I tied on a small zonker streamer to check if any agressive trout would be
present but that approach also failed.
It got me thinking that maybe I was not fishing deep enough as the fish had obviously spotted me
and where hunkering down.
I tied on a very light fluorocarbon tippet and fished the same spots as before with a small beadhead
pheasanttail nymph.
The re-arranged setup worked as my indictor went down and I connected to a fish.
To my surprise it was a brown trout, a very acrobatic one as it went airborne.
I was wondering if I would be able to hold the fish with the light tippet but with some luck and 
my forgiving full flex flyrod I could counter all runs of the trout.
The light setup also worked for the resident roach who where holding up beside the main current.

IMG 3583
IMG 3586
A nice brown trout.

IMG 3588
IMG 3592
Roach  from the troutpool

At another pool I spotted a violent surface take confirming to me that another trout was active.
There was however no way to get to that fish as the pool required access from the other bank and
I had no waders with me to make the crossing.
Through a small opening in the brushes I could just drop the nymph in the front end of the pool with
as result a small roach.

IMG 3589
IMG 3590

Allthough the skies looked threathening it stayed dry for the moment.
At one point it got pretty dark though and from the distance I could see a rainband moving in
so I went for lunch to the local pub where I ran into another member of my syndicate.
When I saw some of the leaving guest running to their cars I knew my timing was perfect as
the rain had started.

IMG 3593
The local food.

After lunch it was back to the stream again.
The rain was light, sort of a drizzle so I fished the stream inside the forrest where the leaves
provided some shelter from the wind and the rain.
The pool in front of me was teeming with roach, dace and probably gudgeons.
As the pool was rather shallow the indicator was again something the fish did not like
but with the rains going on the water had become a little higher and murkier.
There where some good fish mixed in the school and after some small ones I finally hooked
one of the larger specimens.
Soon the fish where on to me so I had to find another spot to try my luck.

IMG 3594
IMG 3595
IMG 3596
IMG 3597
IMG 3599
Roach and dace from the shallow pool.

IMG 3601
Plenty of rabbits about during the evening.

Allthough it was late and about to become dark I wanted to check out some further spots downstream.
When I finally arrived at the intended fishing locations the stream had become murky and carried
more water than usual.
I could not spot fish anymore and blindcasting a nymph along the good spots did not yield a single
take so I called it a day.

IMG 3604
Days end

It seems the days of high summer are over and a more fall like weather pattern has set.
Hopefully we can enjoy some more nice days before the season really ends.