We have come into a weather pattern lately where frequent showers allthough short of
duration dump locally a lot of water on the land.
Before the weekend came it looked like the water in the stream was going down after those
downpours but just before the weekend the whole sequence started a new.

So when I checked the river gage last Saturday I noticed that allthough the stream was receeding
a lot of water was pushing trough.
I took a chance and went fishing on Sunday but when I arrived at the stream my hopes of
catching anything where severely temperered as the stream looked like coffee.

IMG 3609

I tried one of the hotspots in the village and fished a slower flowing pocket.
Allthough I had some hits on the fly I could not produce any fish and after an hour or so trying I
gave up and headed upstream hoping for better conditions.

I noticed some familiar cars parked at the local football grounds so I made a stop and found the
local flyfisherman busy with their casting practice.
I chatted for some time with my fellow flyfisherman from the other side of the border and finally 
went on my way again.
I figured as it was around midday the best thing to do was to go to the pub and have lunch.
Maybe the water would go down in the mean time.
A check on the river gage however showed that even though I had spotted no rain the stream's
water was still rising.

When I left the pub conditions even got worse as rain began to fall.
I choose a spot in the forest to fish as the leaves would at least provide some shelter from the rain.
The spot I fished held always fish and this was alos true when the water was high and dirty.
Clarity was an issue though as the fish had to see the fly.
I fished a black buzzer type fly on light fluorocarbon tippet and soon got the first bites.

IMG 3615
Small buzzer type nymh, Hanak golden jig hook, Tungsten bead, collar made of peacock herl,
body made out of black tying thread ribbed with pearl tinsel and coated with bug-bond.

IMG 3613
IMG 3616
IMG 3618
High and dirty

The first fish I caught was a dace with next in line a roach.
Meanwhile the rain started pouring providing even more water for the rising stream.
My last catch was a small gudgeon showing that the nymph was indeed fished deep
enough to ibe attractive for the fish.

IMG 3620
IMG 3621

The downpour was so strong that in the end I had to seek shelter.
I waited untill the skies cleared and tried some other spots downstream but nothing was biting.
With all the rain that had fallen conditions would not improve.
If it would stay dry it would take days before the water would clear up and I had no time for that.

IMG 3624
High and dirty.
IMG 3631

The skies eventually cleared but more rainshowers where en route so I called it a day.

IMG 3633

The numerous visits to the stream seem to have paid off as you get to know the favorite hangouts
of the fish. If you know where the fish are hiding you can catch them even in the most unfavourable